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Me...me. Hmm. Pretty boring, actually.

I'm a thirty-something on again, off again student who works for a major health insurance company. At this stage, I'm just wanting to get a degree in *something* before I'm forty but I harbor a major desire to be an actuary someday. Challenging, interesting work that pays out the wazoo. Lovely.

I have a cat who graciously allows me to live with her, an out-of-tune piano I love to play, though I don't play very well, untold numbers of charcoal pencils that don't get nearly enough use and a computer that is close to the be all and end all of my existence.

Slash fanfiction has been an obsession for almost 20 years now. I first found it when I was....well...still too young to read it and I'm still going strong today.

That's about it.