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EP: Quarantine

 Heehee, I just loved this! 

Although once again, I rank high on the scale of suckitude, because I got engrossed in the show and completely neglected to do the whole, "real time commentary" I had promised myself I would start doing. 

As a result, I'm probably going to forget half the things I thought were totally awesome about the ep, and instead just randomly gush about it. 

Okay, truthfully I was pretty non-impressed with last week's ep. It didn't strike me as bad, but I didn't think it was outstanding, either, as I have through 95% of season 4 so far. I have to say that if they keep this streak up, this is going to finish out as the best. Season. EVER. Thank you. Goodbye. 

As for tonight, however, they were back in fine form. The beginning kind of threw me for a loop...I was blinking at the screen, open-mouthed, stammering, "W-What? Married? Ring...(And pretty fucking cheap-looking ring at that McKay. Jesus Christ, man, fork over some dough if you wanna impress her! Way to go all out with that whole "eighth of a carat"!) Where the hell is *this* coming from?"

Sam and Radek were unbearably cute with each other. 

Ditto on the sweet interactions between John and Teyla. He was so freaking *cute* when he was feeling the baby kick!! Aww!!

Had a major WTF?!? moment when Teyla, while looking about 8 9/10 months pregnant, *climbs out the window* and dangles over 300 feet of nothing at all!! Seriously! WTF?!?!

OMHFG!!!! I about RUPTURED something, laughing during the sequence about Rodney's password. Holy Shit!! 

Einstein's birthday, Newton's birthday, Rodney's birthday, 42 and.... Cold, hard proof right there ON SCREEN that John is now the biggest geek in Atlantis!! He'd better be damned glad Teyla was the only one there to hear that monologue, because I'll tell you straight up that none of the scientists *or* military would *ever* let him live that down. 

I was literally *squealing* in glee over that scene!!

Also, you might recall that I mentioned a couple of posts back about being suddenly struck with the *rightness* of Ronon and Keller and that was just off of a throwaway scene (I thought) in one ep. 
Okay people, after this episode, Ronon/Keller is my other OTP in the fandom to go along with McKay/Sheppard. I hope very seriously that some massive amounts of fic for this pairing spring up from this episode, because I will totally *devour* it, even though I never read het. 

Jason and Jewel have some great chemistry together, or else I'm just whacked, because it just, like, *screams* at me! Doesn't *anyone* else out there see it?!?

During that final scene with Rodney and Katie, I was thinking the whole time, "It's over. It's *so* over." And yes. Rodney didn't get it at first, but that last frame made it as clear as neon writing on the wall that Katie is done, and I think even Rodney realized that. 
The writers handled it the same way all the fans knew it would be the whole time. 

Finally Katie got to see the *real* McKay. The pessimistic, "Oh my God, we're all going to DIE!" McKay that we all know and love. She got to see him when he wasn't being nice for her benefit and to feel a little of his sharp-edged sarcasm, and just like all of us knew would happen, she got a rude awakening about how he really is. 

The thing is? As nice as Katie is, I'm pissed at her. I'm pissed because only a complete *idiot* could possibly have missed that this is just how McKay really *is*. For all his gruff exterior and his arrogance about his intellect, he's oddly naive about his feelings and he doesn't have that protective layer of "suave" that people who are more concerned with what others think of them naturally cultivate. Rodney's brutal honesty has a tendency to leave him wide open to being hurt in interpersonal relationships and because Katie was deliberately blind to a truth that was *hitting her in between the eyes*, she's going to drop him and he's going to think it's his own fault. His own failure. Because as good as he is with physics, he's easily that bad with relationships. 

Overall, I liked the symmetry in this episode, which is something the writers have done a great job with this season. It was a very nice character study of all the main "pairings", either overt or UST. John and Teyla, Ronon and Keller, Rodney and Katie and there was even some gently teasing sparkage with Sam and Radek. 

I liked how we got each character to open up a bit. Ronon talks about his wife, Keller about her disassociation by being a prodigy, which makes her perceived outsider status on Atlantis even more difficult for her. Radek talks about his pidgeons, John exposes his inner geek while Teyla admits to fearing about motherhood in a dangerous climate. Rodney admits his flaws shortcomings to Katie at the same time Katie realizes they're too different and it's not going to work. 

You know, I could be completely wrong in how they're going to resolve the Rodney/Katie thing, but that last look Katie gave Rodney, and his expression of realization and dawning hurt...? Yeah, not thinking so. 

Most of all? I really *really* wanted Ronon and Keller to complete that kiss. Really. In the *worst* way!. 

So there you have it. Another long and disjointed ramble about an ep, instead of a nice, neat, organized blow-by-blow. 

Maybe next week for that. ;-)



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Jan. 19th, 2008 01:46 pm (UTC)
For all your Quarantine needs, my weekly review is up. I love the password thing :)
Jan. 19th, 2008 04:20 pm (UTC)

This is why I shouldn't post at 2am... I didn't even get the name of the episode right. Thanks for the inadvertant heads-up. ;)

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