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Recs, recs and more recs

Okay, so...It's come to my attention that, while the memory feature of livejournal is a wonderful, fantastic thing...it's kind of irritating when I want to save an awesome story that's, you know, *not* on LJ. 

Now, granted this doesn't happen very often in SGA fandom but my current obsession with it will, eventually, back off somewhat and I'll remember the numerous other fandoms I love. So, since I've started actually *using* my LJ frequently, I thought I'd maybe stick a post up here and start a central favorites list. 

It will probably grow slowly, but every so often when I have a lazy Saturday afternoon (much like this one, which actually spawned the idea in the first place), it might grow in leaps and bounds. 

Yes, yes, I know. I could actually create a website but, a.) I don't know how and b.) I'm too damned lazy to learn. 


You get this instead. :G: 

Now here's the caveat: this is *not* a be-all, end-all list of Excellence in Fandom. This is strictly going by what *I* like. Therefore, there may be some absolutely *brilliant* stories out there that won't make it into this post, not that I'm expecting any heavy traffic through my LJ that will care, anyway. The most notable by absence will be anything tragic. I like my happy endings, people, and if it rips my heart out, stomps all over it and *doesn't* put it back together at the end? 

Not gonna be here. Just a warning, 'cause if by some miracle, people started coming through and seeing this, I don't wanna hear, "But you missed (insert brilliant but heartrending story here)." If it fits the above criteria, nope, I didn't. I just didn't include it. 

If, however, your taste is in synch with mine, then enjoy!

Stargate Atlantis
- (Operate on the assumption that it's all McKay/Sheppard unless I specify otherwise.)

Note: I started out by separating recs into categories of drama and humor and so on, but upon attempting to enter subsequent updates, I've decided in this fandom, the line is too thin and it's not going to work. So you get a free-for-all instead.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Merry - This is hilarious and sexy and adventurous and just plain fun. And pretty longish on top of that! 

Advantage by Resonant - Well, this one's kind of comedy/drama/angst... Rodney makes an awesome slave owner. Especially when it's John he owns. :snerk:

The Body Holographic by Leah and Springwoof - Yet another that skirts right up to the line of what I'll re-read. This is a wonderful, beautiful, complex work that shocked me stupid at the end. It's great!

Charting the Motion of Planets by Dasha - You will learn very quickly by reading this list that I love H/C. I even tolerate crappy H/C because I love the genre so much, but this? No tolerance needed here. This is how Rodney H/C should be *done*, folks!

The Checkmate Verse by Beadattitude - Cutest. Freaking. Thing. EVAH! It's John, turned into the cutest, fluffiest little black kitten that ever existed (except for my own, of course!!). But that statement doesn't do this series any kind of justice. You wouldn't think there could be significant character development when one of your main characters is a cat, but there *so* is! Major, major development! And it almost made me cry a little, towards the end! **NEW**

Cleave by Amireal - Yes, like 90% of my recs, it's got H/C in there, for both John and Rodney, but for Rodney it's more emotional than anything. More than that, though,I really like the study of how he reacts when his ability to be tactile with those he's close to is taken away. Very interesting.

The Clothes Make the Man by Orithain and Rina - AU. With Rodney's tendency toward diva-level hissy fits, you knew this had to come along eventually. Rodney is a fashion designer. John is the poor construction worker on a building project across the street when Rodney's best model flies the coop... **NEW**

The "Cute As" Series by Gillian - Umm. See name? Seriously. This is het-but-slash and I absolutely fell in love with her Rodney in this. Also? Be sure to stop and poke her with a sharp stick to get her to work on the next story in the series!!

For All Intents and Porpoises by Lacey McBain - John getting lost, Atlantis' verision of SeaWorld and some of the worst jokes ever heard on this or any other planet. What's not to love?

The Forest People by Jenn - This is...primal. I love the feel of this and don't really want to say anymore about it. Come on, people...it's Jenn. It's got to be good. 

GPFG Studios by Various - AU. Has grown to be its own universe, inspired by the original story written by Yin. Porn and sweetness and fun all wrapped up in a nice little package. This is one of the hottest AU's out there! **NEW**

Geeks and Goons by likethekoschka - This is sort of the central page for the Guides series as well as the gen (or as I like to think of it, "preslash") Geeks and Goons series. If you like H/C, friendship, sweetness, angst and a healthy dose of action adventure, you're going to *adore* these! Be careful, though. Reading these all at once is similar to consuming a five-pound box of Godiva chocolate. Too much of a fantastic thing and all that. 

How the Millers Relaxed and Learned to Love Rodney by SardonicSmiley - Once again, she seems to be able to read my mind. I honestly think that Jeannie is a little too hard on Rodney, even though he can be a jerk at times. I *adore* John's characterization in this as, like all of SS's work, it's very much "The team against the universe", which is what I love above all else about her! This is one of my very favourites of hers! **NEW**

In the City of Seven Walls by Auburn - AU. This epic? Almost didn't make the list for the reasons stated above. This is *painful* for me, but it skirts just enough away from the *permanent damage* line for me to include it. It's beautiful though. Incredibly beautiful.

Junk Cheap by Devil Doll - AU. Yet another that abounds with beautiful descriptions. John owns Junk Cheap, and Rodney is a rather ungracious substitute college professor. Hijinks ensue. **NEW**

Logical Solutions to Illogical Situations by SardonicSmiley - Sentient Atlantis is one of my *all time* favourite things and she does it very, very well. Although I have to say that SardonicSmiley seems to have taste so similar to mine that it's frightening. If she wrote it, there's a good chance that I freaking *love* it! **NEW**

Love's Tangled Web by msgordo - AU. Hmm. I'm a little conflicted in reccing this, because it's a WIP and you should know that before clicking on it. It hasn't been updated in a year but, I'm not letting that discourage me, because it's been a year in between updates before, and she came back to it. If you want to take a chance, it's an awesome guilty pleasure Harlequin AU.

Loving Rodney by Lady Ra - It's long! It's well-written! It has sentient!Atlantis. And H/C! And people recognize the genius this is Dr. M. Rodney McKay, Phd Phd! Lovelovelove!!!

Oblivious by shalott - Absolutely delightful! It's sweet and cute and funny without being saccharine. I giggle every single time I read this!

On Life and Living by WesleysGirl - AU. It's your standard "John as the tragic widower, Rodney as the new Love Interest", but done very, very well. The OC in this story is really one of the best I've ever read. Go! Enjoy the Harlequin-inspired goodness! **NEW**

The Proposition by Jane Elliot - AU. OMG, I *love* this!! John runs a family owned (and wait 'til you see the family!), struggling catering company and after an initial near-disastrous dinner that John saves, multi-millionaire Rodney has a proposition for him... **NEW**

A Supermarket in California by Taffetablue - AU. This is a really beautiful AU where John ends up owning....er...A Supermarket in California....ironically enough. It's the boys in their own special dynamic, but at an unhurried, gentle pace that would never be believable on Atlantis. Lovely, feel-good Saturday afternoon read. **NEW**

The Sweetest Thing by Corrina - AU. Good characterization, wonderfully descriptive, but even if you've just finished eating, you'll be hungry before you finish this story....though I suppose that's a big compliment to the author! **NEW**

Theory of Evolution by Lavvyan - AU. Lavvyan is a wonderful writer, though some of hers are pretty dark, so watch out. This was cool and kinda mindblowing and, did I mention the hotness? Incredibly hot, even though John is kind of a stubborn asshole at times. I wanted to smack him a little. And not in the fun way!

Written by the Victors by Speranza - Yeah. This AU masterpiece goes without saying. If you haven't heard of this one, you've been living under a rock or are brand new to fandom and even if it were the latter option, you'd find her a hell of a lot faster than you'd find me!

That's it for now. More to come in the future. 

Updated 04/12/08 with 10 new recs.




Jan. 12th, 2008 11:40 pm (UTC)
All great recs! :D
Jan. 13th, 2008 12:07 am (UTC)

This fandom has a serious embarrassment of riches going on, I tell you!




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