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EP: Miller's Crossing

 What can I say about this episode?

Not much without random bursts of frantic squeeing making it massively difficult to talk.

O.M. Fucking G!!!!!!!!!!

How awesome was this? Seriously? *How* motherfucking *AWESOME* was this episode?!?!?!

I think this broke my McShep slash-o-meter and left it in little pieces on the floor. So many, many things to love:

1.) Ronon's freaking fantastic "GQ meets Tribal Chic" outfit. :thud:

2.) Rodney actually *connecting* with Kaleb. You know, unbending enough to call him by name and everything

3.) Rodney showing such worry for Jeannie (even if he still didn't want to admit it was his fault but...if he did, it wouldn't be Rodney.)

4.) The way I really, *really* wanted to hate Henry Wallace, but *so* couldn't.

5.) The way Ronon looked like he was about to use his own dreads to strangle himself during lunch with Walter.

6.) We have depth. Real, emotional depth. Bonds of family, friendship, *love*! The way we almost *never* see it!

7.) That moment when John, Ronon and the marines bust through the door  and John's all "Okay!! You can relax! I'm here to rescue you!" and Rodney's all "Yeah, fine whatever, we gotta *GO*!" I love John's peeved, "Umm, how about a *thank you*?"

And then, the most masterful sequence that John/Rodney fans should have spontaneous orgasms over!! The moment when Rodney begs John to allow him to let the wraith feed on him to save Jeannie. John's utterly agonized reaction, and intense, quiet response of "You're an invaluable member of *my team*. I *can't* let you do it." 

Their eyes both say so much in this scene, I can't even find words for it. They're both so open and honest and just putting it all out there that I was all but jumping up and down screaming, "Oh just fucking SAY IT JOHN!! You can't let him do it because you love him and you can't lose him!!!" That part right there was enough to thrill me no end. But. What do we get then? It's like Christmas and your birthday all rolled into one. Dark!John. 

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the sequence almost gave me chills. It was such a brilliantly ruthless thing John did. A grieving father. John *knows*. He knows all about it. And he pushes Wallace's buttons with such careful, precise deliberation that it almost shocked me. It was like watching a cobra sway to hypnotize it's prey before it strikes. The subtle lead in, followed by the bomb, nonchalantly delivered,

"Yes, Jeannie's going to die."

Followed by more subtle lead in "There's a...specialist. They almost made it. Too damned bad. You know, Rodney blames himself, which he really shouldn't,"

Bam! Another hit! Dark, intense eyes just pinning Wallace,

"when we both know who's really to blame."

More lead in... "The specialist needs to feed." "What's that you say? Well, we can't feed him. He eats *us*. Not a lot of volunteers for that."

BAM!! "Oh and by the way, here's pictures of Jeannie's husband Kaleb and little girl, Madison."

It was seriously one of the creepiest scenes and I was just almost in shock that John really did it but it fit in well with the theme of the story. To what lengths would you go to save a loved one? The lengths Wallace went to in order to save his daughter. The lengths Rodney was willing to go to in order to save Jeannie. The lengths John went to in order to save Rodney.

This episode was layered and thoughtful and brilliant and the slash was so near the surface, it almost went right past the realm of subtext and into real text. I would dearly love to have a peek in Joe and David's heads as they were playing the scene where Rodney was basically begging John to let him kill himself for Jeannie. They sold it so incredibly well and it was like this whole episode was designed completely to appeal to exactly what I love. 

I am in such a happy fannish place right now that I'm practically floating in the afterglow. This. THIS is what it's all about!!




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Dec. 1st, 2007 09:58 am (UTC)
I totally agree with everything you said! Especially:

it fit in well with the theme of the story. To what lengths would you go to save a loved one? The lengths Wallace went to in order to save his daughter. The lengths Rodney was willing to go to in order to save Jeannie. The lengths John went to in order to save Rodney.

I never even thought of that - but you are so right. Brilliant!

Dec. 1st, 2007 06:37 pm (UTC)
This is one of those beautiful, rare episodes that was more than the sum of its parts, even though I practically broke it down minute by minute in my review because I was so thrilled with it.

The best part for me was that I finished the show, and just saw the symmetry of it, sat back and marveled with, "Yes. Yes, this works *so* well."

That was really some seriously brilliant writing here.

Dec. 1st, 2007 03:45 pm (UTC)
I just posted my commentary. I cannot believe how AWESOME this episode was. Jeannie rocks, Rodney's emotional (and he said JOHN) and John's just...he can create so much emotion in just two words and he plays dirty, but he does it because he loves Rodney and he cannot let him put himself in danger.

As Joe Flanigan said, John is a pretty pretty psycho princess. This would be proof positive of that fact.
Dec. 1st, 2007 10:34 pm (UTC)
Yes indeedy, he is a *very* pretty psycho princess. ;-)

I really, seriously think the only way this ep could have gotten any better would be if, instead of John and Rodney walking out of John's room all "buddy, buddy" at the end, they have a moment of John being all, "Don't you even *think* about dying on me, ever!!" and falling into bed to have incredibly hot sex.

Too bad that ending didn't make the cut!

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