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Am currently in a Johnny Depp induced fugue state.

Opening night of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is tomorrow night. Assuming my little three-horse hometown isn't completely sold out of tickets before I get there, I will be attending the midnight showing like any self-respecting obsessive fangirl. Judging by the conversations and glassy-eyed looks of some of my fellow workers, I would guess I won't be alone in my mania.

On a slightly related note, can I just say how ironic and amusing I find it that the bigot in the next cube at work is just as hot for "Captain" Jack (the Queen) Sparrow, as I am? She exemplifies all that I loathe about homophobia from the condescending, disgusted tone in her voice when she talks about "batting for the wrong team", to the way she gossips and snipes about the lesbian woman that sits one aisle over from us. Amazingly enough, until she found out this woman *is* a lesbian she hadn't a problem in the world with her. Now you'd think she was Satan incarnate.

Way of the world, I guess. Not that I'm going to let her piss in my Cheerios over it. I'll be sitting in the same theatre as her and smirking every time Johnny swishes across the deck, though I'm sure she'll be intentionally oblivious to it all.

I'm hoping to draw some inspiration from the movie, although Hollywood really knocked me for a loop this summer. I tend to be one of those compulsive readers that gorges herself on one fandom for weeks, sometimes months at a time, reading constantly, then moves on to something else. At the moment I'm so torn between PotC and Smallville, (closest I can get to Superman and I love me some Michael Rosenbaum/Lex. MmmMmm.) that I feel like my head's about to explode. As I write the same way I read, my PotC is languishing while visions of Tom Welling blend with Brandon Routh and do naughty things to Lex.
But only Smallville's Lex. Kevin Spacey did a fantastic job as always and made SR's Lex a little too creepy to be pairing up with *anyone*. Hell, I felt sorry for Kitty in the movie!

Pirates or Supermen? If only this were the substance of all my problems...

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