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Job Update

 Thought I'd take a break from the smut and catch up with real life instead (which is, alas, distressingly smut-free).

The new job is going well. I discovered that having the whole week of Thanksgiving off except Wednesday, which was my first day in the new position, was just about the Worst. Idea. Ever. 

Seriously. I came in and my trainer, who, let us not forget, is training me completely via phone, Sametime and NetMeeting, had me take a two hour web-based learning module, followed by a "real-life scenerio exam" on the system I'll be working with. It was a massive amount of information stuffed into a tiny time-frame, followed by a stressful test and was just enough to scare the ever-loving shit out of me before it was time to go home and "have a wonderful, restful Thanksgiving!"

Yeah. It was real restful. Or it might have been if I'd had a handy prescription of Valium. 

I spent the whole freaking Thanksgiving going through that awful stage of "new job remorse". It's that phase where your brain circles round and round with "Oh my God, holy shit, what the hell am I doing?!?!? How could I have been so fucking stupid as to take this job, I can't do this, they're going to fire me when they realize how fucking incompetent I am!!!"

This effect intensified yesterday, which was my first real day of training, but I still didn't have access to the main system yet, as my ID hadn't been approved. Today, however, served to calm my nerves a little. I had my ID and got to go in and play around and yes, the new system looked ultra scary, with massive amounts of data in it and ten different tabs worth of information on each issue reported but, like most things, not all of the information is needed and it's really just a matter of drilling down to get what I need and ignore the rest. 

What this job really seems to be is like a go-between, or a translator, between the ultra-technical IT department and the completely non-technical claim processors. The CP's send in a ticket with a problem, be it a password issue, a fund not balancing, a claim not paying like it should, and I triage it, diagnose it, fix it if possible (low-level issues can be fixed at my level) or if not, send it to IT, get the answer back and translate the answer into something the CP will understand, telling them how to fix the claim/problem. 

There's other, really scary stuff that I haven't had a chance to do yet, as it's all a little more uncommon, but that's the main body of my work now. By the end of the day, I....still wasn't comfortable, but I wasn't quite as panicked any longer. 

Now the bad news. And this is really, *really* bad news as far as I'm concerned. First off, I've mentioned before that I live in a little town that's nestled up against another little town (kind of like a miniature version of the Twin Cities). The larger town has around 60,000 people and the smaller town, which I just moved to recently, has about 30,000. The larger town is growing. Quickly. And very suddenly. I've seen more construction in the last three years than I've seen in the prior 20 years combined and traffic is suddenly starting to become a problem, where it never has been in my entire *life*. 

Well, my workplace just built a brand-spanking new, bright shiny building that I love (except for the freaky elevators that started having mysterious malfunctions almost the day we moved into the building. Here's hoping they didn't build over a cemetery. O_o), *exactly* on the city limits between the two cities, right off a major highway. You can literally walk out of the building, through the parking lot and off the property, and BAM, you hit the city limit. The building is technically in the smaller town, though, but the best thing is, we're in the middle of nowhere. They had to build the road that accesses the building. There's nothing else there. Once you get off the highway...no traffic. It's great!

It's great for another two years. The largest hospital in the area is building a brand new, state of the art facility right next door. When I say right next door? I mean that literally. 

Yes, though the font is small and this is a sad little diagram, it give an idea of the scope involved in the suckitude that is this new project. The red is, of course, the new hospital complex. And that pathetic little blue rectangle? That's my big pretty new building I'm so proud of. The hospital is *huge*. It's going to have an ER with a Careflight landing pad right outside the wing I work in. It's going to employ five thousand people. Right. Next. Door. Five thousand people that are all going to be wanting to go to work when I'm trying to get to work, damnit! 

 Of course, on the plus side, when I go crazy from the additional stress of just trying to get to work in the morning, the Psych Ward will be a convenient stroll across the parking lot away. 




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Nov. 28th, 2007 05:56 am (UTC)
LOL! Your job sounds like my job. I am a "web content coordinator," which means the people who want stuff on our website tell me what they want in people-language, and I translate that to geek-speak and tell the developers what to put on the website. Ergo, translator, just like you!

It's pretty easy and I enjoy it for the most part, although, today one of my clients told me she didn't know what a URL is. *headdesk*

Edited at 2007-11-28 05:57 am (UTC)
Nov. 29th, 2007 12:28 am (UTC)

Okay, yeah. That's pretty bad. I'm by no means a computer genius but at least I'm nowhere near *that* bad!!

Yes!! Your job has *exactly* the aspects of mine. Cool! And you really like it? Today went even better than yesterday did. The system seems to be pretty user-friendly and I'm picking it up pretty quickly. I'm *so* glad that I'm still going to be able to do the problem-solving that, I think, got me the job when I was a claim processor.

How do you handle the...all right, there's not really any polite way to say it...the *stupid* people. The ones that make you think, "Where in the hell did you *come* from? Inbreeding?"

I had a moment today when I got a ticket and started working on it. The CP says, "This claim keeps denying as 'after termination date'." I looked it over and replied, very politely, "That would be because you processed the claim on an account that terminated in 2005 instead of the current account."

......Really. What can you say to that? And we pay these people 30K a year to do this job. :boggles:

Nov. 29th, 2007 02:18 am (UTC)
Yep, I really enjoy it. But one of the things I really enjoy is that I get to work from home whenever I want and I technically only do about 3-4 hours of work a day, but I get paid full time.

The perks outweigh the idiots by far - but I do get my share of idiots. I had someone request to change some of the links on her page back to blue after they had mysteriously turned purple. I had to rewrite that e-mail about fifty times before I could find a way to tell her she was an idiot without actually saying it.

Mostly I just laugh at the idiots and write about them on LJ and that takes care of the stupidity induced rage. You'll get used to it, don't worry. And they're generally few and far between.
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