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Thoughts on Atlantis ep 404 Travellers

Once I shook off the moody blues that I'd had for several days and gotten in a somewhat better frame of mind, I was very much looking forward to Friday and my new Atlantis fix. 

That was, until I saw the teaser again and remembered what the plotline was about and how my heart sank when I saw it at the end of last week's ep. The thought that went through my head at the time was, "Goddamn it, John! Don't you ever fucking learn anything!?!"

So yeah. I have to admit that I didn't watch the entire episode, though I wish now, having read other people's thoughts on it, that I'd toughed it out. I watched the beginning where John and Rodney are talking over the comm and thought "OMG!!  CUTE!!!! Rodney can't let him out of his sight for five minutes without checking up on him!" Then saw Rodney, frantic when they can't raise him on the comm. 

Watched the whole way through the interrogation scene up to the point when space bimbo number ?? stalks in like a wannabe dominatrix, then thought, "Whoo boy. Here we go." I made it through her leading him back for...dinner...(and can I just say. YUCK!), then channel surfed for a while, thinking that I'd come back when there was about 10 minutes left, just in time to catch the dramatic rescue by the team. 

Only there wasn't a dramatic rescue by the team. When I switched back, there were Wraith aboard, John was sweet on her (gasp, shock!) and......wait for it.....really.....she screws him over. I want to say I was laughing hysterically at the sheer stupidity of this scene after all this time and all John's experiences with lovely Pegasus but. But. 

In a true testament to Joe Flanigan, I didn't feel anger, exasperation, irritation, disgust or any of the other emotions I would have wagered on by this point in the show; which was the whole reason I channel-surfed to begin with. No, I felt a sudden flash of pity for John. He looked so, honestly disappointed at that moment and I had the sudden, crystal-clear thought that "Even if he ever does find anyone to settle down with (my slasher's heart is chanting Rodney, Rodney, Rodney!), he'll never really, fully trust her(him)."

I found that incredibly sad, then thought, "All right, Joe! Way to pull some depth out of a really crappy scene!!"

The next moment that was a total SQUEE! moment for me was the foursome chasing after John. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! the moment when they're all contemplating the odds, which are stacked against them, and the fact that they don't know which are hostile, if any and Ronon's all like, "What the hell? What difference does it make? If they were all hostile, we'd still be going to get him, no matter what, right?" and they all take a minute to think about that and are like, "Well. Yeah. Duh."

GO TEAM!!! That's my TEAM! YEAH!! BOO-YA!!

Then that moment of utter heartbreak when all the ships are just...gone. I love how they focus in on Rodney and you can just see how utterly devastated he is at that moment. Then. 

There's John over the intercom. :sigh:

So yeah. I guess this episode didn't suck as much as I thought it would. And I'm ten times more in love with Joe Flanigan's acting talents as a result.


Rec for the day... in honor of the awesome team moment in this ep, how about The Forest People by seperis. (Even though, you know, no Lorne but still. One of the freaking best team fics I've ever read and slash to boot. Yummy!!!




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