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First Blood

Hmm. Yeah. Being as I've had this account since October of *last year* and it's now July 5th, I guess I'm a little overdue for putting something in here.

I freely admit that I started this account for the express purpose of being able to friend fanfiction writers that actually freaking *write* something, unlike myself, since a lot of the good ones are friend-locking their work. However the more I think about it, there's something rather comforting as well as exciting in throwing my thoughts out there into cyberspace.

They might stay out there for the next ten years and not a soul but myself would ever look over them, or fifty people could read them by tomorrow and think, "What a loser!"

Livejournal seems to be perfect for the shy exhibitionists among us, if you'll pardon the oxymoron. I fall firmly in that category. I harbour an intense desire for others to see and appreciate my work but am terrified of actually putting it out there on the chopping block of constructive (or not so constructive) criticism. I would love more than anything to be able to share my hobby (obssession) with my friends in real life but unfortunatly I live smack in the middle of America's "Bible Belt" and the concept of slash fanfiction would horrify and disgust just about everyone I know.

Ah well... For now, I'll consider this the process of dipping my toes in the water. I started a Pirates of the Carribbean story not that long ago, which will be firmly in the realm of AU come day after tomorrow. I can't believe it but I'm actually toying with the idea of posting it up here in bits and pieces as I go along, something I've never done before. In the past, it's always been "all or nothing", leading to a baker's dozen story fragments of varying sizes on my hard drive, never getting finished. Maybe posting it up here and seeing it sitting incomplete will give me the kick I need to actually follow through with a project.

We'll see I suppose. Since I have much more patience with typing than with writing by hand, I'm hoping this really will turn into more of a journal than I've managed to keep thus far. So yeah. I think I'm shooting for it to live up to it's name.

And if I can actually manage to complete a story in one fandom or another, so much the better.




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