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This was actually pretty fun!! 

I'm passing it along, in case anyone else besides springwoof  should wander by someday. :G: 

Ask me up to five questions. Anything you wanna know (other than personal identification stuff 'cause, dude, I'd have about the same reaction if you're either in my family and reading my journal or stalking me!).

As a catch up, here was the first round:

1) how many siblings?

Absolutely none! :G: I'm an only child of a single mother and we have a relationship that would cause a psychiatrist to spontaneously orgasm with joy. Or run screaming, not sure which.

2) shoe size?

Oh. My. God. How did you pick this question...? :winces: Size 12.

3) your favorite movie?

The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Brilliant stunning ending to a spectacular masterpiece.

4) your personal hero?

I don't have one. That kinda screwed up relationship mentioned above made me very...cynical, at times; a trait I work very hard to try and overcome. A side-effect of that is a strong disdain for weakness, especially in myself. Looking up to someone to the extent they could be called a "personal hero" feels too much like a weakness to me.

5) can you skate?

Hahahahaha!!! Yeah. No, I don't think so. Though it would be funny to watch me try. I was actually born with my hips very misaligned. For years I wore corrective shoes, attempting to fix the problem but all my life it's had a detrimental effect on my balance and spatial sense. You really can't even tell by watching me walk but I have to be very careful about watching where I put my feet, otherwise I can't even walk in a straight line. I'm quite jealous of the people who take for granted being able to stroll around the park and actually look at their surroundings while they walk without running into a tree!





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