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Work-related angsting

 So. Friday afternoon of last week rolled around and my manager came by for our Q&A session where we get help with the difficult claims we need a second opinion on.

Out of the blue, she tells me that there is a production support position coming open and she dropped my name and the name of the other top processor in our office to the recruiters...
Well, I said a position but there's actually two. There are six sites across the nation that handle the system I work on and they'll choose the two applicants from those sites. 

I've actually applied for this position before, the last time there was one open, and I didn't even get a response to my resume. For that reason, I wasn't expecting a whole lot different this time. Well, I applied Friday evening at 6pm and got an e-mail setting up an interview at 8am this morning.


It's definitely a step in the right direction. My company is kind of weird in that they insist on describing job postings on the intranet in the most complex, frightening way possible. Hell, if you legal-ese it enough, a First Tier claim processor's position sounds scary and that's got to be one of the most boring jobs on the planet. Basically, you really have a hard time trying to figure out if the position is one you might, possibly have a chance in hell of succeeding at or if you're so underqualified that applying would be as bad a joke as Bush's presidency.

The fact that my resume didn't receive a response last time made me more inclined to the latter option but now I'm not so sure. The description of the position is utterly terrifying and makes me want to gibber in the corner over my lack of expertise, but something else the company is trying to do is to pretty much light a fire under people's asses. 

Outsourcing is a big concern for everyone and layoffs, while not being mentioned at the moment as we are finally in a growth phase, are always the grim specter of death, lurking in the shadows. They're trying to get people to take charge of their career development, which is probably a good idea. Quite a few of my coworkers are perfectly fine with bitching about the aforementioned outsourcing and layoffs and not doing a damned thing to obtain new skills or new experiences. 

The company calls this position I'm trying for a "stretch position". It challenges me and I have the potential to really take a huge step forward in my career, or turn the job into a spectacular screw-up. 

It's root cause analysis, analytical thinking, research driven; all the things I love in short. I think I could do it but... hell, I don't know. I'm afraid I don't have the mundane knowledge I need, you know? Stuff like Excel and Access and that kind of crap. I can muddle my way around a spreadsheet but I can't do any of those fany pivot tables for data analysis and I *know* that's going to be a big issue. 

Ah well. We'll see. I'm not telling anyone about this yet. I get paranoid about telling family and friends when I have an interview. It always seems like it goes badly if anyone else knows. Hopefully I'll have a new and exciting job here in a month or so!!

Rec for the night...hmm......how about. 

The Checkmate'verse by beadattitude

I know, I know. So much with the cutesy lately. I just can't help myself!


PS. It's a big pay raise too! $_$  :cha-CHING:



Oct. 17th, 2007 10:09 pm (UTC)
Man, I sure hope the interviewers think it's a perfect match too!
And yes, I was already thinking about how to get the classes I'd like to take. The good thing is that my company has an extensive online learning program, as long as the course is applicable to your position. I'm hoping I'm going to get quite a few marketable new skills out of this, if I get it. And yes, all classes are free. Which is right in my price range! :G:



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