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Good God! 

I had my first chiro visit and adjustment and that didn't hurt as much as my pocketbook does. 

I'm really, really appreciating just how totally crappy my insurance really is. $2000 deductible with a $750 HRA, meaning I have to come up with $1250 out of pocket just to meet the damned deductible. That's not counting the freaking *$4000* out of pocket max for the year. Holy Crap!

Well, the x-rays came back showing moderate disc degeneration of my...I think C6 vertebre... whichever one is right above my shoulders, and even worse of my L5. (the very last one right above my tailbone) My hips are misaligned as well, which is throwing my spine off even more. Dr Hottie said that he'd also like to see me lose a little weight and I looked at him and said I'd like me to lose a lot more than a *little* weight. (I'm not masochistic enough to put my weight up here but suffice it to say that the amount I need to lose is in the triple digits and not in the *low* triples either.) 
I'm going to start the first phase with adjustment plus rehab at three days a week for four weeks, then two days a week for six weeks before moving to maintenance twice a month. 

For the next three months alone, my cost is going to come to over $1000, and that's after having exhausted my HRA, plus the rollover from last year. The only good thing is that once this intensive treatment is over and I go to maintenance, I can plan for next year and take out an FSA, which I wish to God I had this year. It would have helped me tremendously at this point. 

I'm reeling here. Honestly, I'm wondering where in the hell I'm going to come up with that kind of money and still buy Christmas presents for everyone. As sad as it is at almost thirty years old, I still live, for the most part, paycheck to paycheck. $1000.00? You might as well ask me for a million. 


I have been planning for over a year to buy my very first custom designed gaming computer with my income tax refund but now it's looking like I might be paying off the doctor with it instead. Now I am totally depressed on top of being sore as hell.

Being fat sucks. I know damned well that my weight has a lot to do with my problems that have been cropping up lately but damn it. Food has always been my main source of comfort and it is *so hard* to stop it and get out of that trap. Even if I know what I'm doing, it's just so difficult to quit.

 I think I'm fixing to give it up for the night and just go to bed. 

Link for the night is Cute Baby Animal Crack by LC. Because I just totally need some fluff to read tonight. 






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