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Bright and Shiny!

I'm loving the new layout! How awesome is this?

Okay, so I spent a frivolous twenty bucks that I really couldn't afford right now but...

Bright, shiny new theme! Pretty new pics!

Ooh, and I have a whole weekend all to myself. Systems are going to be down for maintenance, so I have a valid excuse not to work on Saturday. WooHOO! Now the only major thing I've got going on this weekend is the second week of RCIA. Last week went very well. There are actually quite a few people there and I was a little surprised at how many are practicing Catholics already. That's a good thing, though. An indication that a person is eager to learn more is always wonderful, and one thing in particular that disturbed me somewhat is how many lifelong Catholics know little more than the basics of their own faith. 

We had a big...thing...at work this week. A health expo type thing that featured all kinds of health and fitness and lifestyle promotions. It was like a bazaar on the first floor of the building with lots of community businesses setting up tables to promote with us. 

One of the tables was of particular interest to me, as it was chiropractic care, where they did a scan of your neck and gave you a printout of the alignment (or lack thereof) of the cervical area of your spine. Yeah. Mine was. Not great. But I already knew that. I actually have been having lower back pain off and on for going on 10 years now; long periods of no problems followed by intermittent episodes of intense agony that lasts from several days to a month, before I can walk unassisted. 

Since the office is contracted with us and they offered all the employees the diagnostic visit (the priciest one at $250) for free, I took them up on it. Well, the visit was this morning and it went well. I signed my life away on the ton of paperwork and got the tour of the office. Everyone was really nice. 
Then came the Q&A session with the doctor (cute, cute, CUTE!! Yum. Nothing like a great morning of having a gorgeous, tall, muscular man's hands all over me before I go to work to make the day just a little more bearable!).
You know, all the "describe the major complaint", "describe the pain", "do you have headaches, dizziness, numbness in the extremities etc." Got through that okay and all the testing of the reflexes and moving me back and forth. Until. 

At one point, I was lying on the table/bench thingy on my stomach and he pushed at the very base of my spine, just above my tailbone (which is the worst spot) and even without me being in a flare-up, it was a major "OWOWOWOWOW!!! OMG, that HURTS!!" moment. 

At least I didn't kick him. That would have totally sucked. 

Well, the result of that bit of joy is that I'm going to get x-rays done on Monday of my lower back and neck and he finished up by telling me that he was 95% sure of what the issue was but that he didn't want to discuss it until we got the x-rays back, so that he'd know for sure. 

I agreed politely and took the handy little piece of paper for the imaging center and went to work to look all the diagnosis codes up. It's handy sometimes, working for an insurance company. "Non-Allopathic Lesions of the Cervical and Lumbar area". 

Okay. I've had a couple of different medical terminology classes and I could give you a breakdown of what those terms mean but I have no idea what that, functionally, will mean to me. So I'm stuck until Monday afternoon when I go in for my results appointment, at which time we will plan a course of treatment. 

Gotta say, I'm looking forward to seeing the doctor again as well. MmmmHmmmm.

Okay, I'm going to try and make sure from now on that every time I post something in here, I include at least one rec. Either one that I'm reading right now, or one that I'm just eager to pimp out. I figure, at least if I can't manage to write anything myself, I can have the courtesy to direct you to other people that can. 

Today, the poison of choice is The Body Holographic, which, as I told the wonderfully talented

springwoof and leahwoof, it's an absolute accident that I ever read it. I was in an adventurous mood and didn't look at all the warnings on it, otherwise I would never have read it at all. I'm a strictly sunshine and flowers kinda girl (regarding endings, anyway. Love H/C but it's gotta have a happy ending); hell, if I wanted depressing, I could turn on the freaking news. The words *character death*? Might as well be *bubonic plague* for how fast they make me turn and run. 

I won't, by any means, say this is a happy-go-lucky story, because it's not. But it is totally awesome, and just about the only one I'll cross to the "dark side" to read. For those of you like me... give it a chance. The ending might not traumatize you as much as you might expect. 

One last note. OMG, wasn't the season premier awesome!?!?! Or am I the only one left in fandom that didn't get to see the bootlegged version a month before the show aired? :BG:







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Sep. 29th, 2007 11:19 pm (UTC)
thanks for the rec! I'll take "not traumatized" ::grin::

good for you for getting help for your back! you don't have to live with pain. I swear by my chiropractor...

and, yes, the SGA premier was fabulous! loved it. what part did you like best?
Sep. 30th, 2007 03:23 am (UTC)
Hey, no problem on the rec! You deserve it; it's a great story!

Now, last night... Oh, the whole episode was a veritable treasure trove of John/Rodney interaction, but I love the apology moment. I felt for Rodney and almost laughed at the same time because really? He just flat looked like he was about to choke over his words! And John standing there with that honest-to-God *pout* on his face! :grins:

Also, the moment after the real-life Asteroid! game, when they step out of the jumper and Rodney's all like "Okay, we're out of the woods. We can all breathe" and then that call comes over the radio and they look at each other...

"Oh, for crying out loud!!"

I was laughing so hard there, I made noises that scared the cat.


Thanks for the good wishes on the chiro. I'm not one much for doctors (too cheap to risk using all my HRA, what with my freaking *$2000.00* deductible I have to meet!) but they're contracted and, honestly, I think there's a limit to how much I can roll over each year in my fund anyway. Might as well use it on something I need.
If I see that I'm going to have to keep this up, though, I'm thinking about taking out an FSA for next year.
I'm a little anxious about what the x-rays are going to show...
Sep. 30th, 2007 04:04 am (UTC)
my chiro is not in our network and not covered, but we go to her anyway, just because she's that good and we're willing to pay out of pocket for her to take care of us. the difference a good chiro makes is incredible...

and yes, I loved that part of the episode as well--all those times when Rodney gets "like one second!" of relief or happiness before another disaster happens....
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