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Music doth soothe the savage beast

Also the cranky insurance analyst after a totally shitty Monday.

If you haven't heard of CDBaby.com please, by all means, go have a look. Brand new artists of great talent, though not much reputation just yet. The site is a veritable treasure trove of great new music! My purchase of "Beyond" by Matthew Mayer and "Gifts from Heaven" by Shoshannah came in only 3 days from the day I placed the order. Not to mention they had Shoshannah's CD for $4 less than Amazon did.

Saving money is always a good thing for a cheapskate like me.

Still stuck in starry-eyed SGA land but I'm beginning to think I might come up for some air in the next month or so. I believe that Smallville might be a speck on the horizon.

:sigh: Do you have any idea how much I *long* for Lanning to finish Jabberwocky? So very, very much. I still lurk around her journal, basically stalking her (in a totally non-scary way, of course) for the details of her life that she writes about, because after all this time, I almost feel like I know her, even though I don't think I've ever even posted a comment to her journal. If you like Smallville and you've never read her....well...no way.

You'd have to have been living under a rock.

If you don't like Smallville...go read her anyway. She'll *make* you like it, damn it.

She one of those people that could hook you into reading their freaking *grocery list*, she's so damned good! Get thee hence to her website for hours and hours of inspired Clark/Lex hotness.

Don't argue. Go. Enjoy. You'll thank me later. Also, you will never, for the rest of your life, forget "carrying the black shame to your grave".



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Jan. 17th, 2008 08:45 pm (UTC)
Hi :)
When you say "Jabberwocky", do you mean the Identical series or smthng else?
Jan. 17th, 2008 11:50 pm (UTC)
Re: Hi :)
Hey, nice to see a fellow fan!

It's the next story in the Identical series, which I would actually pay a serious amount of money to get a hold of at this point.

She's said it's substantially darker than the story so far, which makes me wonder if that's what's giving her such trouble with this part, in addition to numerous RL difficulties...


If you're interested here are 12 snippets she's posted from Jabberwocky, but to be honest, it's like getting the tiniest hit of the crack you're addicted to - it makes the cravings that much worse, so you might think hard about going and reading them! ;-)

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