January 1st, 2015

Recs, recs and more recs

Okay, so...It's come to my attention that, while the memory feature of livejournal is a wonderful, fantastic thing...it's kind of irritating when I want to save an awesome story that's, you know, *not* on LJ. 

Now, granted this doesn't happen very often in SGA fandom but my current obsession with it will, eventually, back off somewhat and I'll remember the numerous other fandoms I love. So, since I've started actually *using* my LJ frequently, I thought I'd maybe stick a post up here and start a central favorites list. 

It will probably grow slowly, but every so often when I have a lazy Saturday afternoon (much like this one, which actually spawned the idea in the first place), it might grow in leaps and bounds. 

Yes, yes, I know. I could actually create a website but, a.) I don't know how and b.) I'm too damned lazy to learn. 


You get this instead. :G: 

Now here's the caveat: this is *not* a be-all, end-all list of Excellence in Fandom. This is strictly going by what *I* like. Therefore, there may be some absolutely *brilliant* stories out there that won't make it into this post, not that I'm expecting any heavy traffic through my LJ that will care, anyway. The most notable by absence will be anything tragic. I like my happy endings, people, and if it rips my heart out, stomps all over it and *doesn't* put it back together at the end? 

Not gonna be here. Just a warning, 'cause if by some miracle, people started coming through and seeing this, I don't wanna hear, "But you missed (insert brilliant but heartrending story here)." If it fits the above criteria, nope, I didn't. I just didn't include it. 

If, however, your taste is in synch with mine, then enjoy!

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That's it for now. More to come in the future. 

Updated 04/12/08 with 10 new recs.


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