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Ahh, those lovely early days......

...of a new fandom when spring is still in the air and my eyes are filled, not with stars but with sights of pretty boys doing *very* naughty things to each other.

Of course in this case, one of the boys is very pretty and the other one is more...intriguing. Not pretty. But he overpowers it by sheer force of personality. And brilliant blue eyes.

Yes, my friends, it is Stargate: Atlantis of which I speaketh. I am deep in the grip of E-FOCD or Early-Fandom Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Said affliction is basically a maddening need to neglect work, sleep, friends, family...hell even personal hygiene if not poked with a (long) stick by an irritated family member, in favour of hours and hours and *hours* of time spent in front of the computer screen, devouring any quarter-decent story which features Dr Rodney McKay and Colonel John Sheppard.

'Tis a terrible and a wonderful thing and is the driving force that makes all true fandom addicts periodically venture out in search of undiscovered territory. At this stage, it stuns me to think that I actually qualify as a long-term fandom junkie. I've been solidly entrenched in one fandom or another for almost 12 years. :boggles:
I'm not even 30 yet. That doesn't seem possible. But there 'tis.

So. Yes. Atlantis. Land of abundant well written fiction via the livejournal network. And isn't that just a *lovely* treat after my mini-obsession with HP where you had to wade through 500 totally hopeless pieces of crap to get one mediocre story on FF.net.

I'm nowhere near organized, or dedicated, enough to actually put together a real recs page or anything but...just because I'm feeling generous (and because you deserve a reward for actually reading through my journal to get to this point, brave adventurer) I'll post a couple of links to the stories that have made me squee in the last day or so.

http://visionsofprettyboys.com/Atlantis/LovingRodney.htm - Loving Rodney. Rec'd on any self-respecting "Sentient Atlantis" list but...oh I do love this one!

http://seperis.illuminatedtext.com/sgarecs.html - Can you rec a recs page? Seriously, Jenn is like the ultimate fandom resource for sniffing out the *really* good fic. She should be charging for her services. (Not like that! Get your mind out of the gutter, you sick people!)

Most especially, check out the links at the bottom for the "Geeks and Goons" series and the "Guides" series. Massively long and chock full of the very *best* kind of H/C. Though just as a warning, as far as H/C goes, even to one who loves it almost as much as chocolate, like I do, reading all these in one sitting would be like devouring a two pound box of Godiva. You're gonna hit some overload. I speak from experience.

Okay, off to YouTube to find someone who's a much better pianist than I am playing Rachmaninoff's Moments Musicaux 4.





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