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Money, money, money, mo-ney...MO-ney!!

Lots of money matters this time. And all *positive* money matters at that. WooHOO! 

I was actually a little stunned that the IRS has a website that.....*doesn't* suck!

:listens for the sound of ice cracking as hell freezes over:

Really. It was awesome enough that I actually left enthusiastic comments as to the ease with which I found the information I wanted, which was A:) Where the hell is my refund and when am I getting it??... and B:) What the hell is up with the whole tax rebate thing...how much am I getting??

The answers, respectively, are: A:) Already processed and March 19th...and B:) It's $300-$600 for a single person and I'm getting the full six hundred bucks. WOOHOO!!

This is the biggest refund I've ever gotten in my life, because I discovered last year that overtime pay is taxed at a higher rate. I paid in over *eight thousand dollars* in taxes last year!! Dude! However, I will be getting back $1800 plus the $600 that will magically appear one day in my bank account. 

The $1800 will be buying this and this as well as a new bedding set I haven't found yet...(has to be the perfect color to complement the stunning finish on that bed and not compete with it!) and I'm going to do something that my cheap ass has never done before, EVER. 

I'm going to take my Mom out to the nicest Italian restaurant in town (not saying a whole lot, people...there's 50,000 people in my town- Dallas we're not.) and order the most expensive bottle of wine they have and have a full *feast* of a meal, plus dessert. Given that the wine itself costs $100, I fully expect to drop $200 on the meal, but I want, just *one* time, to go out and have the absolute best of the best that they have to offer and *not fucking worry about how much it costs*!

After that, I think we'll pop over to Books-a-Million and I'll buy her 10 books if she wants them (we're both voracious readers), then we'll go to Best Buy and grab a couple of movies, then home and start on our spoils. And the best part is, the refund is coming in 3 days before my vacation starts. Doesn't get much better than a vacation with nothing to do and plenty of money to play with.

God, I *love* tax time! :G:




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