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I do hereby firmly resolve...

To have a completely useless, non-profitable, lazy and 100% recreational 4 day weekend.

I've been kind of bummed for the last couple of weeks for obvious reasons, and I've decided that for this, my first paid time off of 2008, I'm going to enjoy myself and do absolutely nothing, or as little as I can get away with. (Though I might throw a movie or two in there, assuming there's anything on I want to go see. I missed "I am Legend", damn it!)

I also might indulge my total dorkishness and buy myself "The Sims 2: Castaway" for Wii. 

What's that? Yes, I'm a 29 year-old career-oriented woman who still loves video games. What of it?

One thing I've promised myself I'm going to do is update the recs list with at least 25 new recs. It's been sadly neglected lately, but between stress at work and worry at home, I haven't had the will to do much of anything.   

/rant Also, my mother is about to drive me batshit insane. 

She's gotten partial government funding on her medication and is back on her insulin again, which is good in that it means her blood sugar isn't 475 any longer, but bad in that it reacts with her anti-depressants and makes her act even more like a whiny 5-year-old *brat* than she normally does. 

We went to the store Sunday and I bought $150 worth of groceries and overspent, so the CD she had tossed in the cart without my knowledge went back. She immediately sulks and refuses to speak to me for two days. She deliberately sabotoges her blood sugar by refusing to eat, but this is an old trick and not one that gets a rise out of me any longer, but it did irritate me. Today at work, my cell pops up with a text from her listing several things she wants me to go buy her. Like my schmuckish self, I do, and when I get home and hand her the main item she requested, I don't even get a "thank you". Nothing. 

I muttered a sarcastic, "Yeah. You're welcome!" and then said, "You know, I got the electric bill today and it was $160... you think it might be nice to, oh I don't know, turn the freaking space heater *off* when the AC is *on*?" You have to understand...I live in Texas, people. That $160 electric bill is all *air conditioning* for *late January, early February*! She looks at me and says, "Anything else mean you want to say to me?" and I'm like, "What?! How is it mean to say, 'Don't have the heat and the AC on at the same time.'" At least I left off the "Especially since you don't pay a cent of that bill or any other around here!" that I was thinking at the time. Now tell me I don't respect my mother!

There's a lot more, but you've got the general idea. It follows along in that vein. She yells at me for being selfish/grudging/coldhearted etc, then comes and asks me to buy her something 10 minutes later. My selfish, cold-hearted self who has completely supported her unemployed ass for the last two years. You know, you expect this shit when your parents turn 70 or 80, but 45 or 50 and I'm not even 30 yet...? That's kinda hard to swallow. /rant

Yes people. Yes, yes yes. I know there will come a time when I don't have her and will miss her terribly. That's something that's strongly on my mind with everything that's going on with Richard. But still. The Spoiled 5-year-old thing really irritates the ever-loving crap out of me. Really. And she's been like this my entire life. 

Anyway, that's aout enough for tonight. 25 new recs by Sunday. It's a promise, even though there's probably not going to be anything on there that anyone hasn't already seen before. 





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