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So....when I wasn't looking, work suddenly turned into a black hole that is gradually expanding to suck in my entire life. 


I went from an hourly position where I had an 8 1/2 hour shift with a 30 min lunch, to a 9 hour shift with a 1 hour lunch and for the last week and a half, I've found myself coming in at 7:45 in the morning and not leaving until 7:30 at night. And you know what's freaky?

I'm doing this shit for *free*. I'm salaried now. Overtime pay has gone the way of the dodo, and yet I still cannot seem to stop myself from working 11 hours a day. I work more OT now, with less protest, than I did when I got paid $24/hour for it. 

I never before had a full appreciation for the fact that if you really enjoy your job (even though it's muy stress-inducing), you honestly don't mind living at work. Weird. 

On the fannish front...I had a thought. You know what would be completely awesome? There needs to be a journal, or a service or *something* out there that acts as kind of....a fannish "dating service", I guess. I wanna meet other fen. I wanna meet up with someone I can talk to face-to-face. 

I want a friendly co-conspirator/enabler who, when I say during lunch or over a cup of coffee at Starbucks, "Rodney *totally* picked Jon Stewart in a subconscious desire for *another* John!", will squeal with me in slash-induced fannish glee. 

Sadly, in my little Texas town, I might as well be wishing for a five-star restaurant. (Oh, wait. I do that too. Probably just about as likely as that fannish best friend!)

But if there's even a possibility....? Why isn't there something that lets you plug in your location and then matches you up with people who have the same interests in roughly the same geographical area? There's like 50,000 people in my town's general area. Surely there's *one* McShep fan out there somewhere!





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